Seek Within Mission:

As Socrates said: Education is the kindling of the flame not the filling of a vessel. Lou Lou believes that the essence, meaning, value and wisdom of education lies in awakening the truth, kindness and beauty in human hearts. Education is a heart inspiring another heart, a soul awakening another soul, and a life igniting the power of another life. It is an activity where the human mind collectively participates in the seeking of spiritual wisdom. Each of our heart holds the wisdom of the universe and the human race‘s. Our inner world is like a box full of treasures. In this box, there is wisdom, meaning, mission, intuition and different forms of life energies. If we can’t dive into the deepest part of the human soul to feel the magic of life, we will never regain our personal power. As a spiritual coach, Lou Lou does not like to instill certain external and specific knowledge and skills, but rather through inspiration and guidance to awaken creativity, potential, talent, inner strength, self-awareness, life consciousness, sense of purpose that is hidden deep down in each individual’s soul. As Carl Jung said: “those who look outside dream, those who look inside awaken.”

Seek Within represents a spiritual consciousness of seeking inwardly, as if an inward pilgrimage. Awakening does not rely merely on some kind of external power, but more of an insight of self-awareness and self-awakening. When the individual’s desire for knowledge and personal strength are awakened, they will consciously and actively explore the unknown world and the different experiences of life. This process of exploration is also the process of self-awakening or what they called the “Hero’s Journey”. This personal experience and the acquisition of knowledge is verified by each person themselves. It strengthens our ability to think independently and distinguish right from wrong. It does not only help us obtain knowledge but also wisdom, and the meaning of our own life, in our own terms and not others. This process enables us to gain self-esteem, self-confidence and establish a sense of life value. You will be pleasantly surprised to feel a kind of dynamic vitality and shift in life, an unstoppable passion towards life, and finally realize that you are self-sufficient-possessing all the wisdom you need inside yourself-if we can understand this, our whole life will be transformed.

Seek Within Introduction Course is suitable for the following people:

  • De-stress and sleep better
  • Want to improve concentration and work efficiency
  • Too much thinking and distracting thoughts make it difficult to concentrate
  • Get nervous easily, anxious, constantly feeling emotional and can’t relax
  • Often hindered by negative thoughts, self judgment, self doubt and overly concerned about others’ opinions of oneself
  • Want to improve self-awareness and self-care
  • Systematically learn more about meditation
  • Develop a habit of practising meditation but don’t have the discipline
  • Establish a new healthy lifestyle through meditation
  • Feeling of losing control over life

Introduction to singing bowl and sound healing, Elaborate on how the singing bowl can be used from a physiological level, energy level, emotional level, and spiritual level. Let the healing sound take you into a deep meditative state. Feel the healing effect brought by the high-energy sound waves of the singing bowl. The pure sound frequency will reach the deepest cellular level through vibration and penetrate the entire body, thereby activating the self-healing function of our cells. Achieve deep cellular purification and synchronise your inner energy field with the highest vibrational frequency. Heal, clarify, readjust your inner energy field.

Meditation, as an ancient physical and mental practice, can equip us to better face challenges in this ever changing world. By experiencing the deep connection with our breath, our body and our deepest selves, it provides a nice counter balance to the flighty mind that’s continually flitting around, This series of meditation courses will combine Eastern (Yoga philosophy) and Western (Neuroscience, Quantum Physics) and other different theories to explain the essence of meditation.

This is your pathway to experience the calmness and blissfulness of living in the present. Our worry often comes from uncertainty about the future, but we ignore that the future is actually consists of continuous present moments. In order to create the future, we must first focus on the present. By mastering the techniques of mindfulness meditation, this course will lead you back to your body, consciousness and emotions without judgment. It will help you recalibrate our centre, redirect your energy, and re-establish connection to your whole self, which gives you a much more solid and balanced space for operating. It will also help improve your concentration and performance, gain physical and mental peace, and better engage in life and work. Connect with yourself in the present and say goodbye to worries about the future.

Our stress response is designed evolutionarily to protect us from danger, however, when it is activated continually it puts our lives in danger. This course explain the physiology of stress and how we can make constructive and insightful choices and turn it into a protective and even life giving process. We will elaborate on the human body’s survival VS creation mechanism. It will also provide helpful tips to counteract a disproportionate stress reaction, which you can use literally anywhere, anytime, to ground you and help you to be more resilient and effective in the face of difficult situations.

Each of us is experiencing different emotions every day, most of the time kidnapped by these emotions through conditioned reflexes that cause harmful behaviours. Mindfulness can help us perceive emotions, strengthen emotional management capabilities, and reduce inertial reactions. In this workshop, we will learn how to turn toward our emotions that involves intentionally exploring the difficulty rather than moving away from it, though it may sound counter-intuitive at first, this is a powerful method.

We all know the importance of sleep and rest. However, countless people all over the world suffer from insomnia every day. Not sleeping well don’t just affect people’s memory, mood, work and study, but it also does short-term and long-term harm to our overall health. A study in the UK found that a good sleep can reduce people’s risk of sudden illness and stroke. Many times we suffer from insomnia because of excessive psychological stress, worry or sadness. This workshop will improve our sleep by changing our relationship with insomnia caused by limitless thoughts, fears, worries, etc.

Start the journey of self-healing by exploring your relationship with your inner child, embracing your “dark side”, and resolving any limiting thoughts and emotions hidden in our subconsciousness. Connect with your higher self on the journey of inner healing and self-improvement, regain personal strength and re-establish your inner core.

Using the technique of manifestation and following the Law of Attraction, learn how to tune into and improve your energy field, thereby manifesting your dream life.