loulouaroma Essential Oil:

“露” is an natural cosmetic brand that brings best scents from around the world. Nature is the source of all things, and flowers are one of nature’s greatest manifestation. The photon energy of flowers can adjust, enhance, and transform the inner state of mind to raise our consciousness. Aromatherapy clears energy blockages and purifies our mind, body and soul. “露” means morning dew, found on the leaves of plants in the morning, the crystal clear water drops gently nourish all life. We understand that urban people are disconnected from nature and earth, the fragrance and sensations we experience that are part of nature can remind us of all the gifts Mother Earth grants us each day. The chakra essential oil is formulated according to the different psychological needs and chakra conditions of each customer. We uses essential oils grown by local farmers all over the world, with 100% pure natural flowers, without any alcohol, preservatives, and chemical additives. It is natural and pure in energy, safe and healthy for the human body. Nature fragrance nourishes our soul, it reminds us that we are never truly alone and renews us by attuning us to the earth’s natural rhythms. Remember, we are as much a part of nature as are the flowers on a tree or morning dew on the leaves.